The Rise of TikTok and Its Influence On Fashion

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular apps of our generation. With the rise of a new social media platform, it is bound to become an outlet for creativity as people share music, cooking recipes, art, or their approach to fashion and self-expression. Tiktok has proven to be no exception. As many are probably familiar with, TikTok has given rise to what’s commonly known as “e-boy” and “e-girl” style. As pictured below, both of these styles are rooted in an edgy look often involving dark colors, layering, dyed hair, and chains; style markers that have often in the past been considered or labeled as “goth” or “emo.” It is ultimately a style that invites individuality and encourages those to push the bounds of what is trendy. 

The rise and popularity of this style and aesthetic through TikTok has had major influences on the fashion world and trends today. For one, the e-boy style has been an important player in a shift away from strict masculinity and toward greater acceptance of creativity and exploration in men’s style. For instance, trends in e-boy style include painting nails, wearing jewelry like rings and necklaces, and possibly more “feminine” colors. These kinds of style choices are now being made and normalized by internet and celebrity heartthrobs like Harry Styles, or TikTok star “LilHuddy.”  


E-girl style has also made its way into more mainstream fashion culture. For instance, chains and layered jewelry are a major trend, and dyed hair and colorful makeup is becoming normalized and celebrated. For example, one popular trend of dying the two front segments of your hair a different color has grown in popularity outside of a niche e-girl community and would be hard to miss when scrolling through TikTok.  

Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 2.17.31 PM
Kylie Jenner

Overall, the rise of the e-boy and e-girl style seems to have resulted in a push for experimentation and creativity. In a way, it is symbolizing a loosening of the rules and guidelines that can restrict style and make it uniform, and instead, encouraging people to make bold choices. TikTok fashion has inspired us to dye our hair the color we’ve always wanted, paint our nails, or try colored eyeliner, in a way that was not before encouraged. So even if this edgy style isn’t quite your thing, hopefully, you can still take away some inspiration to try something new. 

Abby Krieckhaus

FAST Blogger

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