FAST x UnitedWeMask Partnership!

As our long-awaited annual FAST fashion show has been cancelled and classes shifted online due to COVID-19, we seeked ways to stay involved with the community through our resources and skills. Therefore, we are excited to announce our new partnership with UNITED WE MASK

UNITED WE MASK is a movement started by J.J. Lee, a cosmetic, technology program manager at L’oreal, as a passion project in order to encourage good public health guidelines for her community. Jennifer is a FAST at UCLA alumni (FAST President in 2013 and a designer in the club in her four years at UCLA), and has put her sewing skills to work by making masks. UNITED WE MASK donates 1 mask to essential workers for every mask purchased, and is encouraging others to help in any way they can, either by donating materials, joining the mask making collective (educational workshops to make masks will be provided- sewing machine optional), or simply passing along information for organizations who may be in need of donations. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 2.33.56 PM.png

Jennifer Lee making her “Moo-ve 6ft Away!” masks.

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 8.30.26 PM.png

Different prints available! Order 1 and we will donate 1!

FAST at UCLA has partnered with UNITED WE MASK on a mission to make masks to:

  1. Spread good public health practices by providing masks
  2. Normalize masking culture and reduce prejudice 
  3. Help save medical masks for frontline health workers and essential workers who face daily exposure to Covid-19

Our team of student designers and other members from all different committees has been preparing the launch of this partnership. Together with United We Mask, we hope to provide materials, virtual mask-making workshops and guidelines, and other resources for our students and anyone interested in joining us. 


Take a look at Jennifer Lee’s and our designer director Hope Pham’s Facemask Making tutorials! 


Although this pandemic has spread our members all around the globe, nothing is stopping us from working together! Zoom calls, Google Sheets and various shipping carriers will be key tools. Our members will be donating to their choice of destination (local pharmacy, food bank, nursing home, hospitals, UCLA, etc.) and/or selling their masks via United We Mask’s platform. All necessary steps to ensure the safety of our members in the process of this mask effort will always be taken.


Follow our socials to follow our journey and contact us if you wish to join the collective ( or DM our Instagram @fastatucla!)

If you wish to join the collective, please contact us at or DM our Instagram (@fastatucla). 


FAST logo.jpeg

IG: @fastatucla
Tik Tok: @fastatucla

logo (1).jpg

United We Mask
IG: @unitedwemaskofficial


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