FAST x Creative Spotlight

Despite being in quarantine, FAST’s creative committee does not cease to create new and inspiring designs. With the cancellation of this year’s show, FAST is creating a magazine designed by our one and only creative team. The flyers that we now miss being handed on Bruinwalk, eye-catching FAST stickers, and other promotional materials were all made by the creative committee. Here, committee members share their go-to quarantine activities and outfits inspired by their horoscopes. Keep reading to get a sneak-peek into the design process and get to know FAST’s very own creative committee!

Meet the Directors

Name, Year, Major: Amy Fang, 3rd Year, Design Media Arts


Favorite FAST memory/experience: definitely walking on the runway last year with Exec! ❤

Go-to quarantine activity: rollerskating and biking with my roommate

What’s the creative process for designing a logo for FAST?:

We always create a moodboard first, thinking about current design/fashion trends and working towards a specific look our presidents want to go for! But consistently it’s all in the name; the main logotype is simply the acronym “FAST” as our brand should always be simple yet forward-thinking.

Design an outfit based on your horoscope: I know there was already a fish-inspired line last year but since I’m a Pisces and I love sets, gotta combine the two!


Name, Year, Major: Lisa Steward, 3rd Year, Architecture and Japanese Major
Image (25)

Favorite FAST memory/experience: Going to Six Flags with the exec team!

Go-to quarantine activity: Watching TV shows and reading Jane Austen books

What’s the creative process for designing a logo for FAST?:

I think the first step is always to coordinate with everyone and agree on a style everyone likes, and from there, usually Pinterest is the next step. Always make a mood board! Logos should always be made black and white first BEFORE picking a color. Color can make a huge impact, and you don’t want that to take away from the actual design of the logo!! 

Design an outfit based on your horoscope: Libra

Image (26)

Meet the Committee

Name, Year, Major: Avery Edson, 4th year, Applied Mathematics Major


Favorite FAST memory/experience: this year’s all-member retreat!

Go-to quarantine activity: cooking/baking with my roommates

Design an outfit based on your horoscope: According to my monthly horoscope as a Sagittarius, April is the month for creative expression, and so I wanted to choose an outfit that was simple and comfortable, yet fun and unique with natural spring-time colors.

Name, Year, Major: Denali Perera, 2nd year, Human Biology and Society


Favorite FAST memory/experience: going to the networking nights and learning more about the inner-workings of the fashion industry!

Go-to quarantine activity: finding new music and curating playlists

Design an outfit based on your horoscope: Leo

image0 (1)

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