A Sustainable Series, Part 2: FAST x Designer Spotlight 

FAST’s Designer Committee targets some of UCLA’s most creative students, as they are faced with the task of developing their own clothing collections within 9 months. At the end of the school year, designers are able to showcase their creations through our FAST runway show and witness their visions come to life. Each collection is unique in its own way, with distinct messages and styles that surely foster diversity on the runway. With the current circumstances, an in-person show is no longer possible; however, the collections will instead be displayed through a virtual experience that will hopefully capture the essence of each designer’s brand. 

After all, the show must go on. 

In particular, Campbell and Kramer have quickly become one of the biggest fashion lines developed on campus. Designers Presley Campbell and Alden Kramer make sure to incorporate the latest trends– tie-dye, sweatsuits, and more– all the while maintaining an environmentally conscious foundation. Over the past two years, they have acquired a large following on social media and have grown their branding across various platforms. 

Here is a little bit of their story. 

Q: To get a little background, what is your name, year, and major? 

A (Presley): I am a 2nd year major in Economics and pursuing an Entrepreneurship minor! 

A (Alden): I am a 2nd year major in Economics and Architecture. 

Image (24)
Alden (left) and Presley (right)

Q: From a business point of view, how did you get your brand started? What was the hardest part? 

A: Our first business decision was to drop $50 each or so at a thrift shop. We got back to our dorm, $100 down, and a bag full of old clothes. From there, we sketched designs that could evolve from the clothes that we had. A weekend later, I brought my sewing machine to school, and so began our trial and error. A couple of garments didn’t work out so well, but we were able to up-cycle the other ones. 

Q: Tell me a little bit about the creative process behind the birth of your brand. How did you decide on what direction you wanted to take it (i.e. sustainability, trends, branding)?

A: When we told our parents and close friends what we were doing, they donated a lot of UCLA gear from which we were able to create unique tops. That initial drop helped us pick up some momentum. Since then, our business decisions involve thrifting, re-purposing, and re-selling. 

Image (19)

Q: What is the most important thing you have learned throughout this process so far? 

A: The most important thing we’ve learned is to not be afraid to reach out!! To influencers, peers, and adults we know! Every connection has furthered our business, there are so many kind people out there wanting to help.

Q: Where do you hope to see the brand going in the future/what pieces were you going to showcase in the fashion show? 

A: We have been doing a new tie-dye sweatsuit and tank line that has gained us a lot more of a following! And we are working on production of a spring/summer line and trying to find the proper factory to work with us on ethical production with our sustainable fabrics.


Q: If you had to choose, what is your favorite piece from the collection for the show and why? 

A: Our favorite piece is the Lola top because it was the first piece we designed together in our dorm freshman year, and it is so flirty feminine fun💗.

Image (23)
The Lola Top

To learn more and shop Campbell and Kramer, you can visit them at their Instagram @campbellandkramer  and their website campbellandkramer.com. 

Laudan Hosseini

FAST Blogger

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