FAST x Blog Spotlight

Composed of both north and south campus majors, involvement in an array of different clubs throughout campus, and ranging from freshman to seniors, this year’s FAST blog team is one with a passion for all things fashion and a love for writing. Although a diverse group of individuals, one thing us bloggers can all agree on is: the hilly walk, the drip of sweat, and that heavy pant that comes with walking anywhere on UCLA’s campus. Although we’re missing out on these lengthy and hilly walks this quarter due to stay at home orders, we’re reminiscing by discussing our go-to shoes while (imagining) strutting on the runway of our very own UCLA campus. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get back to showing off our favorite shoes soon!

From every variation of Doc Martens you can think of, to the classic white sneaker, get to know our bloggers and what it takes to be on the blog committee from our directors!

Meet the Blog Directors

What is your role as blog directors?

Sonam and Genevieve: As blog directors, we organize and schedule blog posts that the blog committee members want to write about. We brainstorm and collaborate ideas and then edit posts before they’re published on!

What is something you’ve learned in your time as director?

G: Organization is KEY. Excel sheets and Google Drive folders have become my best friend when it comes to scheduling blog posts and editing articles from our amazing writers.

S: I agree that organization is very important as well as setting reminders of everything that needs to be done! It’s easy for me to forget all the tasks at hand if I don’t write them down. While organization plays a big role in blog, so does creativity. It can be hard to think of new blog posts especially after being in blog for three years, when it seems like we’ve posted all we can post. But I just have to remind myself to think outside of the box!

What has been your favorite part of being on blog?

G: I love that blog doesn’t restrict us to just writing. There’s a lot of creative control we have when it comes to styling models and art direction for shoots with editorial to make our visions come to life!

S: I love how interconnected blog is to other committees in FAST, we are able to meet people from all sides of FAST because we play a role in so many aspects of the club. Whether it’s with editorial, creative, or marketing; blog has a means of connection!

Do you have advice for students who want to join the blog committee?

G: Find your voice! We get so used to writing research papers for classes that it carries over into our creative writing. It’s important to find a style of writing that engages your audience while still sounding polished, but not stiff. My advice is to read a variety of different articles from different websites and practice writing.

S: Come with ideas!! It’s often hard to think of new ideas for blog since we have years of posts, but if you have new and creative ideas, your posts will truly shine. Content matters, as does your own unique writing style.


Sonam Beckham

Go-to shoes: Doc Martens

Favorite blogger: Aimee Song (IG: @songofstyle)


Genevieve Cong

Go-to shoes: New Balance 990V4 Sneakers

Favorite blogger: The Sartorialist (IG: @thesartorialist)

Meet the Bloggers:


Grace Constable

Go-to shoes: Doc Martens

Favorite Blogger: IG: @dazedfashion

Favorite FAST memory: Being a model in the 2019 FAST Runway show!


Jaden Kim

Go-to shoes: Doc Martens x Raf Simons

Favorite blogger:  Twitter- @dieworkwear 

Favorite FAST memory: Getting to know everyone in FAST at the picnic social.


Michelle Ma

Go-to shoes: Adidas Sleek Shoes

Favorite blogger: Francis Lola (IG: @flamcis)

Best part of being in FAST: Getting to share my ideas!


Nicolina Duhs

Go-to Shoes: Veja Velcro Sneakers

Favorite Blogger: @theskinnyconfidential /

Best part of being on FAST: Being able to bring the creative team’s vision to life through our blog posts.


Laudan Hosseini

Go-to shoes: Platform Doc Martens

Favorite Blogger: Lindsey Rem (IG: @lindseyrem)

Best part of being in FAST: Getting inspiration from the people in the club + learning more about the fashion industry!


Nicolina Duhs

FAST Blogger

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