FAST x Model Spotlight


We are devastated that our annual fashion show has been canceled due to COVID-19, each committee of FAST has put so much work into the show that ending the year in this way is quite a shame. However, we still want to make sure that our members are appreciated and highlighted for their FAST experiences! We will be doing committee highlights to introduce you to FAST members and remind us that FAST is a community for you in this time of need. FAST models have gone through practices all year to prepare for the show, and we just wanted to say that their hard work has not gone unnoticed! Although they won’t be seen on the runway this spring, here are three models that wanted to share their FAST experiences:



 JD Malana

 4th Year

Psychobiology Major

Q: What has FAST taught you?

FAST has taught me to exude confidence not just physically, but whenever possible. You can learn the fundamentals of walking on a runway, but it still needs confidence more than anything. The same applies in any other area of life – confidence is half the battle of doing something you’re not comfortable with.

Q: Favorite FAST memory or experience?

My favorite FAST memory is hanging out with everyone outside of FAST related events. Everyone was so nice and always up for hanging out, studying, and getting to know each other.

 I also love getting to know everyone else in exec and being able to share a skill with others.


Grace Constable

3rd Year

Communications Major

Q: Why did you join FAST?

I joined FAST because I’ve always been interested in fashion, but I wanted to learn more about the many facets of the industry. I also wanted to get involved with a group of likeminded people who were equally inspired by fashion!

Q: What is one thing that FAST taught you?

FAST has taught me about how incredibly creative the people in our community are, and I’m not only lucky to be surrounded by them every week during practice, but also able to call some of them my closest friends.

Q: What has been your favorite memory with FAST?

Walking in last year’s fashion show was one of my favorite memories in all of my three years UCLA. I felt so connected to everyone in FAST during those couple of days, and it made me value and cherish the FAST experience in a way I couldn’t have imagined before joining. Now, I can’t imagine my UCLA experience without FAST. I’m forever grateful for it.



Taylor Adams

4th Year

English Major

Q: Why did you join FAST?

I joined FAST bc I’ve always loved fashion. I once wanted to be a designer. When I found out there was a fashion organization at UCLA and read about all the amazing events and functions they do, I just HAD to apply.

Q: What has FAST taught you?

Being in FAST has taught me SO much from how to walk a runway to how to prepare for an industry-level runway show since I was on the production committee last year.

Q: What has been your favorite memory with FAST?

  My favorite memory on FAST was the runway show last year because it was so inspiring to see all of the committees, especially the design committee’s visions come to life. All that we had been working toward the entire year came to fruition in such a successful way, and it really inspired me to pursue a career in fashion post grad.

FAST Blogger

Grace Constable

*interviews may be edited for clarity

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