FAST’s Euphoria Shoot

HBO’s critically acclaimed Euphoria follows a group of teenagers navigating the dark reality of high school through their various experiences with addiction, sex, friendship, love, abuse, and more. The show stars Zendaya who won a People’s Choice award for her role as Rue, as well as Hunter Schafer who plays Jules. Euphoria received raving reviews after the release of its first season in June of 2019, and fans await the premiere of season two that is rumored to air later this year.
Aside from the progressive take on serious themes Euphoria highlights through its dark portrayal of teen reality, Euphoria has also been recognized for its unique makeup design. The characters in Euphoria frequently wear stylized and artistic makeup such as multi colored eye shadow, extreme highlight, and lots and lots of glitter. The show’s makeup team has been recognized for their inventive take on makeup design with various nominations, including Best Contemporary Makeup at the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylist Guild Awards. Euphoria’s makeup legacy has taken over social media and branded its own style in the makeup world, with “Euphoria-themed” makeup becoming a popular trend since its initial release.
See more photos of how FAST was inspired by Euphoria below!


Photos by: Jason Chua

Models: Cole Summerfelt, Iqra Irfan, Rishika Voruganti

Grace Constable

FAST Blogger

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