STS: Rewinding the 2000’s

Not too long ago, we styled our track pants with low-cut tank tops and hid our highlighted hair under colorful bucket hats. Oversized graphic tees and animal prints made a revival at the start of the century and stayed. Fast fashion was on the rise, as we crazed over whatever we saw the likes of Jay-Z, Britney Spears, and Kate Moss wearing in Marie Claire.

While we do not quite see thick belts or jeans worn under skirts anymore, gingham and hair clips have once again made their way into everyday fashion. Recently, the infamous bucket hat has become a staple piece in the realm of streetwear. Along with it, we spot select items like overalls and denim on denim from the past decade being sported by fellow UCLA students. Scroll down to see some 2000s styles worn by us in the final stretch of the 2010s!


Tyler Law

Second Year

Major: Dance


Image from iOS (2)

Crystal Tan

Second Year

Major: Statistics


Image from iOS (1)

Angela Sourial 


Major: Undeclared


Image from iOS (5)

Lisa Steward (Right)

Third Year

Major: Architecture & Japanese


Image from iOS (4)

Nicolas Chu

Third Year

Major: Dance

@nic.a.chu (photo by: @charlesdrivessafe)

Image from iOS (3)

Zoe Hahn

Third Year

Major: MIMG



Sophia Su (Left)

Third Year

Major: Piano Performance & Political Science



Sue Ellen Zhang

Second Year

Major: Cognitive Science



Simone Barber

Third Year

Major: Psychology


Image from iOS

Tara Hojjat

First Year

Major: Civil Engineering



We want to see how you style your favorite piece from the 2000’s- tag us on Instagram @fastatucla!

FAST Blog Team

Michelle Ma

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