FAST Study Abroad: Seoul Fashion Week

FAST’s Blog Team is lucky to have three  members studying abroad this quarter, including our Co-Blog Director, Sonam Beckham! Sonam is in Korea for fall and is loving Korean fall fashion. She recently checked out Seoul Fashion Week and accounts her experience below: 

One of my favorite experiences during my time studying abroad has been Seoul Fashion Week. What seems to set Seoul Fashion Week apart from other Fashion Week events is that the show is just as much outside as it is inside the venue. Dongdaemun Design Plaza hosts Seoul Fashion Week each year, with swarms of people gathering just to take a look at Korea’s hottest street fashion and trends. Models, influencers, and general fashionistas alike gather to attend shows and essentially just stand around the plaza waiting to get their picture taken. Some would stand to the side waiting for people to take pictures of them, while others would be approached by a photographer, eventually leading to a crowd of photographers around one model.

I loved this experience because I, like many others, did not actually attend a show but got a very unique fashion experience just by walking around the venue. I was inspired by the looks I saw and loved seeing different interpretations of fashion. Check out some of the photos from my experience below!

The sheer amount of people that Fashion Week brought to Dongdaemun Plaza was a spectacle in itself. I often found it hard to move and there were photoshoots in every direction!

Sadly I could not get the Instagram accounts of every person we took pictures of, but I did find this model through a photographer! Her name is Kim Seohee and you can follow her here: @shee.514



Two different kinds of squad goals here…I thought the fake gun and knife were essentially for comedic purposes after seeing the man in center left with two pairs of sunglasses on. But I love seeing different interpretations of fashion, costume-y or not, so we had to take this shot!


Another interesting part of Seoul Fashion Week was that people from all ages came dressed to impress. And when I mean all ages, I really mean ALL ages. There were babies and tons of children dressed up for photos all around the plaza! (Photos were taken by consent of parents.)





The amount of beautiful people and clothes I saw at Seoul Fashion Week was overwhelming. If you’re into fashion and come to Seoul anytime around fashion week, I highly recommend going to Dongdaemun and checking it out for yourself!

FAST Blog Team

Sonam Beckham

Photos: Ashley Chuang

(All photos taken with consent from models/parents of children)



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