How to Elevate Simple Outfits: Earrings with Teel Yes!

The end of summer heat has us giving up on putting effort into daily outfits. These days, we just want to throw on a t-shirt and call it a day, but simple outfits always seem lacking. What can turn a plain-Jane outfit into a minimalistic #look? Accessories! For FAST, we chose to enhance our simple looks with Teel Yes’s unique and classy earrings. These earrings will level up your outfit, whether simple or extravagant. Check out our very own Vice President (Kirsten) and President (Jenn) rocking these chic and simple looks featuring Teel Yes’s earrings!



Jenn wears the Clear Square Earrings in Brown




Kirsten wears the Dune Hoop Earrings


Kirsten wears the Mochi Earrings

Teel Yes’s earrings are minimalistic while still making a statement. These pieces are sure to bring your simple outfits up a notch by adding personality and elegance. If you’d like to learn more about Teel Yes or shop their site, click here!


Huge thank you to Teel Yes for sponsoring this post!

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