#FASTRNWY19: FAST’s Best Show Yet

Each year, FAST’s annual runway show gets bigger and better, and this year was no exception! We’d like to thank everyone who came out to the show, it was a huge success and we are so thankful to all our FAST members and friends who attended. In case you missed the show, here’s a look back at Thursday’s event.


Above is Rohin Sharma, photographed by Marissa Shankar. Outfit designed by Mariama Bah. Her line is inspired by light summer wear that works for both women and men.


Above is Angela Sourial, photographed by Lara Kohen. Angela’s outfit was designed by Lucy Huo. Her line was inspired by geometric patterns, natural curves, and drapes.

IMG_6466Above is Isabel Gandarilla, photographed by Vaidehi Ram. Isabel’s set is designed by co-designers Caliope Marina and Risachi Ogan. Their line is inspired by their Latina and Afro heritages and size inclusivity.


Above is Tyler Catudioc, photographed by Marissa Shankar. Tyler’s jacket is designed by Madux Middaugh. Madux’s inspiration is a combination of art and human sciences.


Above is Amy Patel, photographed by Marissa Shankar. Amy’s gold dress is designed by Irene Wang. Irene’s line was inspired by both tiny and big moments in her life.


Above is Defne Keskin, photographed by Marissa Shankar. Defne’s Pisces outfit was designed by Josephine Qi. Josephine was inspired by the Pisces constellation because it was unique and different.


Above is Nice Kitapci, photographed by Lara Kohen. Nice’s dress was designed by Teresa Sanchez and Crystal Soriano. Their line is inspired by Mexican traditions and cultures incorporated with current fashion trends.


Above is Sky Kang, photographed by Vaidehi Ram. Sky’s dress is designed by Jawon (Amy) Baik. Her line is inspired by both deadly and lovely sides of a city.


Above is Ela Talu, photographed by Jason Chua. Ela’s dress was designed by Dakota Klasky, this year’s FAST Designer Director! She is inspired by feminity and the drag culture.

FASTM3 (1 of 1)

Above is Cameron Ro, photographed by Jason Chua. Cameron’s outfit was designed by Randy Molina-Aguilera. Randy’s line was inspired by crazy patterns, colors, and cuts.


Above is Meghan He, photographed by Mo Moussa. Meghan’s dress is designed by Hope Ann Hong Pham. Hope’s line is inspired by Vietnamese and Southeast Asian culture.


Above is Sophia Luzzi, photographed by Selina Pan. Sophia’s set was designed by Sabrina Costa. Sabrina’s line was inspired by the silver and gold seen at the 2018 Met Gala.


Above is Angela Sourial, photographed by Mo Moussa. Angela’s dress was designed by Anna Tsai. Anna’s line is inspired by the white camellias that bloom every year in her backyard.


Above is Ela Talu, photographed by Mo Moussa. Ela’s dress is designed by Suchita Kumar. Suchita’s lines are inspired by her childhood memories of playing dress up.


Thank you to everyone who worked to make this show a success and we hope to see you all next year!

FAST Blog Team

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