A Splash of Color with FAST X NYX

NYX has been a staple for all beauty gurus and make-up lovers, not to mention it is the perfect make-up brand for our babes on a budget. NYX is not just for the everyday make-up lovers, but also for professionals in the make-up business, as they rave about the multitude of products that NYX has to offer.

Pronounced “Niks,” the company is coined for having excellent quality in its products without breaking the bank. With its innovative and diverse products (and not to mention sleek and chic packaging), NYX has been pleasantly shocking the make-up industry for 20 years now with its founder Toni Ko at the core of it all.

From bloggers and influencers to the make-up artists to the stars, this drug store brand has been selling off the shelves for years. With that being said, don’t take our word for the amazing brand that NYX has to offer, get yourself any of their products and you will be happy you did!

FAST was inspired by NYX ‘s wide variety of colors and products to create makeup looks based on color palettes. Check out how FAST works makeup below!





Big thank you to NYX for their generous support in sponsoring our annual runway show!

FAST Blogger: Nicolina Duhs

Photographers: Marissa Shankar, Selina Pan, and Jason Chua

Models: Ashley Garcia and Christie Cho

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