STS: Go for Gingham

Gingham has been the name of the game this spring season. Forget the stripes, polka dots, and plaid, and we are heading into our summer break in gingham. So what is this infamous gingham pattern that has been seen all around the UCLA campus? Gingham fabric has been around for over five hundred years. The word “gingham” was originally the Malayan word genggang which translated to “striped.” As years passed, this striped phenomenon got lost in translation and transformed into the black and white checkered pattern that we all know today. In the fashion world gingham has been used in a sophisticated pant for business meetings, in rompers for a Saturday picnic, and a midi skirt as you strut to that midterm. No matter what your occasion is, know that gingham is the way to go.

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Katherine Harvey

Third Year

Political Science Major

Insta: @katharvey813


Adley Wechsler

Third Year

Art Major

Insta: @ads.wex



Vivian Therese San Gabriel

Third Year

Applied Linguistics

Insta: @anivisreve

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Emiko Pilar

Third Year

Japanese Major

Insta: @emikattt


Genevieve Cong

Third Year

Anthropology Major

Insta: @genevieve.cong


Marissa Shankar

Second Year

Business Economics Major

Insta: @azeliamarissa

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Processed with VSCO with j5 preset

Nicolina Duhs

Second Year

International Development Studies Major

Insta: @nicolinataylor


Tyler Catudioc

Fourth Year

Psychology Major

Insta; @tylerbbyx3


FAST Blogger

Nicolina Duhs

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