STS: Blazers

UCLA’s campus is always speckled with students whose styles mix casual and professional, and blazers are just one way to accomplish this. As students who attend a challenging university that uses an even-more challenging quarter system, donning a blazer can achieve that “I have my life together” look, deceiving others into thinking that you got nine hours of sleep last night when you actually had zero. Blazers are form and function at their finest, perfect for when you need a garment thinner than a jacket but thicker than a shirt to carry around campus.

Worried they’re not creative enough? While their color range seems limited, blazers’ colors and design do come in a wide variety of forms, depending on where you look. But don’t see the neutral color palette as a drawback: the shades of gray and black that most of them draw from means you can match with your loudest accessories. See how fellow Bruins wore this subtle yet flattering and versatile closet essential.


Marcos Ruiz

First Year

Pre-Political Science and Public Affairs Double Major

Insta: @yikesmarcoss

Photographer: Julian Angat @facesofthebay

FullSizeRender-7.jpegSarah Issever

First Year

English Major

Insta: @sissever

Photographer: Kat Sung @k4tsung


Jeana Wei

Third Year

Psychobiology and Neuroscience Double Major

Insta: @jeanawei


Angela Sourial

First Year


Insta: @angelakina_


Jenn Lim

Third Year

Business Economics Major

Insta: @jenn_limm


Harnoor Kaur

Third Year

Communications Major

Insta: @harnoor_kaur

FAST Blogger

Angela Savage

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