This week’s #SPARKFASTFRIDAY features the boys of FAST! With 160 + members in FAST, we would be nothing without our FAST boys. In FAST we have guys who are models, photographers, designers, and our very own creative director.

FAST is using SPARK to help fundraise and put on our annual student-run fashion show on May 30! It is not too late to reserve your preferred seating for $1 and priority seating $25. Click here to donate to SPARK and help our show become a possibility: https://spark.ucla.edu/fast.

We appreciate all the donations and hope to see everyone at the show May 30!


Matthew Paterno is our Co-Creative Director. You can follow him on Instagram at @matt.paterno!



“FAST for me is an outlet for creativity, where I get to work and collaborate with other smart driven people and in the end we get to share our work with our friends family!”



Audie Omotosho is one of the FAST Designers. You can follow him on Instagram @audieosho!



“My experience with FAST has been dope. When I think of FAST I envision a platform that fosters potential among talented, creative and beautiful individuals at UCLA who are making the same strides academically. That’s what make FAST special, the people.”



Rohin Sharma is one of Fast freshman model!  You can follow him on Instagram @rohinn!



“Coming into it, I was so oblivious to the world of fashion, and now just a few months later, I feel like I’ve discovered a new world filled with creative ideas, no limits, and pretty much no boundaries. I have found a true appreciation for Fashion, modeling, and the experience in general, and I appreciate FAST for bringing me into it.”



Roland Houseman is another one of FAST models. You can follow him on Instagram @rolandlh86!



“FAST quickly created a community for me at UCLA, something I am grateful for as a transfer. Over the year, I’ve met some amazing people here and I’ve gained more confidence, which is vital to being a model.”


FAST Blog Director: Adley Wechsler

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