STS: Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are yet another staple of the 90s that are making its way back into present day fashion. Fun fact: this trend revived itself once before in the ‘00s. In fact, I remember my favorite pair of shoes as a seven year old were my Lizzie McGuire platform flip flops.

This trend is taking over in the form of chunky dad sneakers, raised combat boots, and espadrille-like sandals. It’s not surprising these types of shoes are becoming popular… doesn’t everyone want to be a few inches taller without the pain and formality of heels?

Here are some walking-to-class and around LA looks styled by your favorite Bruins, who look taller and definitely on-trend with their platform shoes.

Ambika Verma

Second Year

Human Biology and Society Major

Insta: @heyitsambika

Jordan Stewart

3rd Year

Communications Major

Insta: @imjordanstewart

Kelly Davis

Fourth Year

Communications Major


Roxanne Ohayon

Second Year

MIMG Major

Insta: @rox.oh

Yasmeen Amid

Fourth Year

Sociology Major


Mandy Santoso

Third Year

Communications and Psychology Major

Insta: @mandysantosoo

Angela Sourial

First Year


Insta: @angelakina_

FAST Blogger

Isabella Eagan

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