FAST has teamed up with SPARK to fundraise for our annual student-run fashion show! Each Friday, we will be featuring a FAST member to speak about how important the fashion show is to them. We appreciate all donations and could not have our show without your help!

This week we are featuring FAST model Joanna! Here is what she has to say about FAST: “Hi, I’m Joanna, but everyone calls me Jojo! I’m a second year Political Science/ Public Affairs major from Cypress Park, Los Angeles. I joined FAST as a first year in order to express my creative and fun side amid all the academic work I had going on. FAST means a lot to me because at first it was just an outlet to relieve stress, but now it has became my support system as I’ve met some of my closest girl friends who I’m endlessly grateful for! It’s so important that the FAST Fashion Show takes place in order to debut all the creative hard work & dedication everyone has put in since the beginning of the academic year. We have a passion for fashion so it’s only right that we can display that in the fashion show!”

Click here to donate to SPARK and help our show become a possibility: https://spark.ucla.edu/fast

Check out Joanna’s style and modeling skills below! You can also follow her on Instagram at @jojoarre!





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