Millennial Nostalgia

While it’s certainly true that the fashion world is constantly purging old trends in favor of new ones, fits of the 90s and early 2000s have now made a striking comeback in mainstream fashion. These trends are seen everywhere with social media influencers and celebrities donning bold colors, loose fits, and eye-catching accessories. This boom of recycled trends is only a glimpse into the kind of nostalgic sentiments that blanket today’s pop culture. This constant recycling of trends is inevitable as our age of social media pumps out new content everyday, so rapid it’s difficult to keep pace. Bringing back the old-school is like slowing down, taking a minute to breathe, and appreciating the style of the 90s and 2000s for everything it was. The trends of this time period were so unique to this era, in all its scrunchies and characteristic patterns.

As a result, we at FAST have decided to make a testament to the old, the bold, and its modern reintroductions. We’ve been missing those years, and we’re excited to see them return.








FAST Blogger: Angela Savage

Editorial: Marissa Shankar


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