STS: Patagonia

Patagonias are ever-trendy for a reason. Since 1973, Patagonia has been rolling styles that are a timeless fusion of fashion and outerwear. A tried and true brand, we can probably find old college pictures of our dads sporting their gear. They’ve also been a major proponent in the environmental activism movement, practicing green production as well as donating proceeds from all of their sales. Even more, Patagonia was founded in Ventura, CA so it’s no wonder that we can see tons of UCLA students rocking the brand on campus. Check out some of these dope looks UCLA students have put together:



Jen Shan

4th Year

Psycho-Bio Major

Insta: @jennypupu



Bryan Tran


Insta: @tranbryan


Sonam Beckham

3rd Year

Political Science Major

Insta: @sonam.pb


Camille Porter McAvoy

Third year

Communications and Political Science Major

Insta: @camillle_ann


Maddy Kuhn

3rd Year

Economics Major

Insta: @maddykuhn


Zachary Moss 

2nd Year

Economics Major

Insta: @ztmoss


Arthur Wechsler

1st Year

Art Major

Insta: @cookstruck

FAST Blogger

Willie Lieberman

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