STS: Doc Martens

In 1901 Doc Martens were exposed to a small town in the English Midlands. 118 years later these shoes are one of the most iconic trends in the fashion world. Not only are Doc Martens a staple at music festivals and a way to keep warm in this 60 degree weather we have been experiencing, but the revival of the Doc Marten trend has broken all the rules of fashion. Who would’ve thought that these grungy boots with a floral dress would be the craze of this past year? Or even the outfit comprised of a band t-shirt some ripped jeans and Doc Martens would make a comeback that has the older generation feeling like they were put in a time machine back to the 1960’s? Whether you are a fan of this chunky boot phenomenon, or you don’t want anything to do with these shoes, Doc Martens are clearly a accessory that has come to transcend all generations and a must-have for this upcoming spring and summer. Here are some looks that our fellow UCLA fashionistas have been strutting around campus and Westwood.

Mandy Santoso

3rd Year

Communications Major

Insta: @mandysantosoo



Abby Krieckhaus

First Year

Political Science Major

Insta: @abbykrieckhaus

Cassidy Orr

First Year

Communications Major

Insta: @cassidyorr

Isabelle Roshko

Third Year

Psychology and English Double Major

Insta: @izzyroshko

 Tara Ostad

3rd Year

Physiological Science Major

Instagram: @tostad



Denali Perera

First Year

Physiological Science Major

Instagram: @httpdenali

FAST Blogger

Nicolina Duhs

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