Spotted last week during Paris Fashion was the UCLA logo being represented on the catwalk for Junya Watanabe COMME des GARÇONS 2019 Fall Ready-To-Wear for Women and in January we also saw a glimpse of UCLA for Junya Watanabe’s Fall 2019 Menswear.

For Junya Watanabe 2019 Fall Ready-To-Wear for Women, he stuck with his typical punk aesthetic and casual allure that played with the darker side of Japanese subculture. The name of the line was “Kawaii” which translates to cute and was named after the “Japanese cult of sugar sweet cartoon girly-ness” (source)


His models wore high pigtails, dramatic fake eyelashes, and thick pink coated lips as they walked down the Salle Wagram venue 19th-century ballroom two-by-two. The model’s appearance made them seem doll-like. Each pair had an unique original outfit that consisted of overlapping  patterns and designs. This hybrid creation was supposed to mirror the idea of the destruction of vintage clothes. It was all about combining and constructing one garment to another. Most of these designs were reversible and that is why the models walked down the catwalk two-by-two. The combination of outfits seemed gave off a thrift store and vintage vibes.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.45.39 AM

What combination stood out the most to us at FAST was his usage of the UCLA sweatshirt. On the left, Junya Watanabe combined a UCLA sweatshirt with an unfashionable floral print dress, loose denim jeans and silver studded cowgirl boots. While, the second outfit incorporating the UCLA logo had the model wearing the hood of the sweatshirt with a floral jacket taking over the sleeves of the hoodie. Lastly, this style included ripped jeans and black studded cowgirl boots. I loved how these two outfits stylized the typical ucla sweatshirt logo that us UCLA students are so used to by adding Junya Watanabe personal flare and DIY aesthetic.


Additionally, the Fall 2019 Menswear Paris Fashion Week for Junya Watanabe was called Silver Swagger and once again the models were sporting the classic UCLA logo. For this line, his models were middle age men to emphasize old man style with “beards, cheekbones, swept-back gray locks, and I-get-up-like-this-son clothes ownership” (source) but playing the persona of a swagger man. This line was about celebrating the male experience. Above, the model is wearing the UCLA logo sweatshirt slightly covered up by his quilted suit jacket paired with shorts and knee-high socks. This gives off a more stylish dad vibe outfit that could be a good option for UCLA dad’s to wear at the FAST Fashion Show!

As you can see if Paris Fashion Week can find a way to stylize and have fun with the UCLA logo so can us Bruins! We can stand out on our version of the catwalk: bruin walk.


FAST Blog Co-Director Adley Wechsler

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