STS: Puffy Jackets

The abysmal weather of the past three or so weeks in “sunny” Southern California has got its inhabitants scavenging for anything and everything they can find to keep warm and dry while still maintaining the necessary fashionable status quo.

In Westwood particularly, blindsided students found themselves in need of long sleeves and umbrellas—resulting in Target’s umbrella crisis of 2019 (they sold out).

Luckily, this 50-something weather calls for a recent trend: puffy jackets.

Not only are they great insulators of heat to protect our fragile LA bodies from the brutal cold, but puffy jackets also serve as a fashionable addition to nearly any outfit on any body. With an outdoorsy edge, it’s easy to make any outfit reminiscent of the athleisure trend gracing every street and runway. On the other hand, they also come in a wide array of colors, allowing anyone and everyone to find their perfect-puffy-jacket-match.

If you need to be further convinced that you NEED one of these jackets or need some style inspo, check out how Bruins styled their jackets below:


Schuyler Shocket

Third Year

Psychology Major

Insta: @schuylershocket


Randy Molina

Fourth Year

Political Science

Insta: @randyzzzz


Michelle Shin

Fourth Year

International Development Studies Major

Insta: @michellenshin


Electa Narasin

First Year

World Arts and Cultures Major

Insta: @electa_n


Alliyah Hill

Fourth Year

Communications Major

Insta: @alliyahhill


CC Promsatian

Fourth Year

Anthropology Major

Insta: nachaa_buziness


Vaidehi Ramanarayanan

Second Year

Neuroscience Major

Insta: @v.aidehi


Camryn Batcheller

Third Year


Insta: @camrynbatcheller

FAST Blogger

Izzy Roshko


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