Student Trend Saturday: Dad Shoes

2019 is the time to ask your dad for his shoes.

In the recent years, ‘dad shoes’ have been the hottest trend in an unusual way. Let’s be honest… 5 years ago, you probably thought they were the worst shoes ever. They’re ugly, chunky, and far from sleek. You would probably find them on your least favorite professor, your funny middle-aged uncle, or your over enthusiastic hiker friend.

Now, you also find them on the streets of Paris Fashion Week, on the Balenciaga runway, and on the shelves of Barneys New York. You see them on A$AP Rocky, on Kendall Jenner, and even on Jonah Hill. 

Dad shoes can work for anyone. They’re comfortable, versatile, and they look amazing. If you don’t own a dad shoe, it’s never too late to visit your local Sketchers to pick one up. Since Bruins never fall behind, they have also incorporated dad shoes into their own wardrobes. Here are some ways Bruins styled dad shoes!


Skylar Kang

3rd Year

Communications Major

Instagram: @skykangaroo


Tara Ostad

3rd Year

Physiological Science Major

Instagram: @tostad


Sonam Beckham

3rd Year

Political Science Major

Instagram: @sonam.pb


Mohammed Moussa

2nd Year

Sociology Major

Instagram: @lolmoemoe


Mark Robinson

2nd Year

Music Major

Photo credits: @lolmoemoe


Katie Kim

4th Year

Communications Major

Instagram: @katiexkim


Adley Wechsler

3rd Year

Art Major

Instagram: @ads.wex

FAST Blogger

Jaden Kim

Posted in STS

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