Warm Winters: A Fashion Guide

Perks of going to school in LA: never-ending beach days, fantastic shopping, and the constant excitement of possibly seeing a celebrity. However, we here at FAST believe that the greatest perk of LA is its weather. Besides the occasional downpour or heatwave, LA is notoriously famous for its consistently 75° days. But there is a downside to this…LA weather doesn’t really allow for cold weather clothing, yet alone any winter trends. Want to walk around in a trench coat and earmuffs? Good luck overheating.

But before you start worrying about not being able to wear your favorite winter coat, FAST will show you some killer ways to incorporate winter trends into outfits better suited for LA weather. Below are 7 reimagined winter trends that will totally work for “winter” in LA.


  1. Leather: Pairing leather with a cute crop top or short skirt as opposed to something full coverage can easily transition the wearability of this fabric.
Willie: jacket from Mackage, denim skirt from Aéropostale (sorry), top from Brandy Melville
Vienna: pants from H&M, top from I Am Gia


2. Suede: A suede coat is a classic medium for the wintery fabric, but wearing a suede dress or skirt is more suitable for LA temperatures.

Vienna: dress from Marshall’s


3. Turtle Necks: Turtlenecks are back in style, especially during winter months. Wear them with a skirt or as a dress to avoid overheating.

Vienna: top from LOFT, skirt from Free People
Willie: dress from Tobi


4. Jewel Tones: Jewel tones are beautiful for any season, but are especially apt for cool winter vibes. Wear colors like emerald, ruby, and navy in more exposed fashions (or makeup) to execute this trend more refreshingly for warmer winters

Willie: top from Aritzia, skirt thrifted
Vienna: dress thrifted


5. Cropped Long Sleeve Tops: If you’re afraid you’ll overheat in a long sleeve shirt, wear a cropped one.


Willie: top from Urban Outfitters, skirt from Forever 21
Vienna: top from Forever 21, jeans from Reformation


6. Flannel: Style a flannel off the shoulder or wrap it around your waist to give a wintery vibe to any outfit.


Vienna: flannel from Target, top from Brandy Melville, skirt from Amazon


7. Plaid: Plaid in the winter doesn’t have to be a Burberry scarf; it works just as well on a skirt or dress.


Willie: skirt from Urban Outfitters, top from Brandy Melville
Vienna: dress from Urban Outfitters, hat from Urban Outfitters

FAST Blogger

Willie Lieberman

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