The end of the holiday season is different for everyone. Some are tired from the endless nights hosting their loved ones, and some are excited to get back to a regime after eating all the treats that the holiday season brought them. But as we head into the new year, I think we can all agree that we reflect on what 2018 has brought to us.

Whether you are making new year’s resolutions or counting down as the ball drops, at FAST we believe that it is only right to start a brand new year by repping that chic and trendy outfit that brings out the best in yourself. Oscar Wilde said it best as “you can never be overdressed” because this is a holiday that has no boundaries.

This year our team chose to play dress up in the Iconic Waldorf Astoria and the Hilton hotels. Below you will find some New Years Eve fashion inspiration and outfits that we believe will begin 2019 with a bang. As the Times Square Ball descends, and the counting down to new beginnings starts, we want you to remember that in this new year, no matter what road you take in your fashion journey, “the secret to good style is to feel good in what you wear.” Signing off until the new year!


_MG_0011 (1).jpg








DSC_0354_edit.jpeg_MG_0068 (1).jpg



FAST Blogger: Nicolina Duhs

Huge thanks to the Editorial Team: Marissa Shankar, Mohammed Moussa (@lolmoemoe), and Selina Pan (@shotbysel)


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