Student Trend Saturday: Monochrome

It is safe to say that monochromatic outfits can be found in every UCLA students’ closets. Although wearing one color from head to toe might seem boring to the naked eye, us fashion lovers and style enthusiasts see this look as far from boring. If you are going for a simple, but bold look, monochromatic is the way to go. But FAST doesn’t have to tell you twice because we’ve seen these looks all around UCLA.

Lately, as fall has taken full swing with the rainy days and chilly weather, hues of brown have been worn when strutting to class. An all-white outfit for a Sunday brunch has been filling up our Instagrams feeds like no other. And who can forget about the iconic black on black look for a night out? Wearing one color has been the name of the game when it comes to being fashion-forward or even repping that favorite groutfit (gray on gray) of yours on a lazy day. Want an outfit that you can put together in minutes, but still manage to be a showstopper in seconds? The monochromatic look is just for you. Still need inspiration? Look no further than your fellow UCLA students below:

Willie Lieberman

2nd Year

Major: History

Instagram: @willie_lieberman

Adley Wechsler

3rd Year

Major: Art

Instagram: @ads.wex

Ivan Lee

2nd Year

Major: Biochem

Instagram: @ivanylee

Photographer: Andrew Nguyen @nguyen.togoraphy

Louisa Karakh

3rd Year

Instagram: @louisakarakh

Sky Kang

3rd Year

Major: Communication

Instagram: @skykangaroo

Angela Sourial

1st Year

Major: Undeclared Humanities

Instagram: @angelakina_

Andrea Winslow

4th Year

Major: Chemical Engineering

Instagram: @allidoiswin_slow

In black: Simon Hirschfield            In white: Claire Housley

3rd Year                                            3rd Year

                      Major: Environmental Science     Major: Econ and International Development

  Instagram: @simonhirschfield        Instagram: @clairehousley

FAST Blogger

Nicolina Duhs

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