Student Trend Saturday: Teddy Jackets

Fall and winter in LA mean it’s time to pull out the teddy jackets. The warmth of a teddy jacket might look conspicuous under the sweltering LA heat. But as nights on campus get colder, the prospect of being swaddled by these jackets’ soft, thick material gets more and more enticing. Reminiscent of the I.AM.GIA Pixie Coat that revolutionized winter aesthetics last year, these jackets — with their snug fleece and oversized fit — are both trendy and functional in the December frost.

Constructed with faux shearling and fully lined for comfort, these coverings fit like cocoons, and the versatility of these jackets make teddy jackets all the more useful. They can be dressed up or dressed down, paired with jeans and sneakers or with skirts and heeled boots. It’s no wonder that these coats have been Instagrammers’ favorites for the last two years. As per usual, UCLA students are ahead of the game, some of us are already combatting nightfall’s chilliest winds in style. We hope you enjoy looking into some of the ways our fellow peers style teddy jackets this season.


Gabrielle Sumilang

4th Year

Major: Psychology

Instagram: @gabriellesumilang

Teresa Sanchez

3rd Year

Major: Communications

Instagram: @terii_sanchez

Left: Marissa Shankar       Right: Vaidehi Ramanarayanan

                                                    2nd Year         2nd Year

                       Major: Business Economics    Major: Neuroscience

                      Instagram: @azeliamarissa     Instagram: @v.aidehi

Christie Cho

2nd Year

Major: Psychology

Instagram: @christiecho_

Photographer: Selina Pan (@shotbysel)

Mandy Santoso

3rd Year

Major: Communications

Instagram: @mandysantosoo

Anju Bhandari

3rd Year

Major: Undeclared

Instagram: @ayeitsanju

Natali Delgadillo

2nd Year

Major: Psychology

Instagram: @natalirubyd

FAST Blogger

Angela Savage

Posted in STS

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