Last weekend, FAST was invited to the four-day pop-up at the Hermès Carré Club exhibition. This event was an ode to the famous Hermès silk scarf, Carré. The Carré Club brought the iconic 1937 Hermès scarf to life through decor. Artistic director for Hermès women’s collections, Bali Barret, said: “The Hermès scarf is the fantasy part of Hermès. […] With the scarf, you can do almost anything. So [the club is meant] to show people that sense of fun and humor” (source). When checking in, we received a membership card, making us an official member of the Hermès Carré Club. Inside, the Carré Café offered free espresso and Hermès-inspired desserts. The tables and floors at the café were covered with scarf patterns, making for the perfect photo. The creative space had four corners and influenced by the culture of artistry and craftsmanship in the heritage and processes of creating the Hermès silk scarf.




We also saw artists Alice Shirley, Cyrille Diatkine, Édouard Baribeaud, Virginie Jamin, Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl using the iconic scarf as a canvas to reveal their creative visions for Hermès: Alice Shirley turned her colorful sketches of animals, nature and endangered species into Hermès silk scarves. Édouard Baribeaud started his sketches in black and white, then added colors and gold-leaf inspired by the history of European art. Virginie Jamin improvised new designs for the scarves in person, while Cyrille Diatkine used the Hermès-orange ink to draw portraits of attendees on-the-spot. Lastly, Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltz used drawing machines to create their pieces of work. The Carré Studio allowed us to not only meet some of the Hermès designers but also see the artistic processes that go into each design.


Interactive experiences at the club included the Carré Studio, Carré Stories, Carré-OK, and the Carrémania.


The Carré Studio was where artists and designers interacted with guests.


Carré Stories allowed the audience to go into a telephone booth and hear personal experiences and stories of Hermès customers and their memories with their scarves.


The Carré-OK was the Hermès version of karaoke in which four people entered a studio covered in colorful scarves and sang along to songs connected and inspired by the silk scarves.


Lastly, the Carrémania offered limited-editions Hermès scarves that were only available at the Hermès Carré Club pop up.


After visiting the Hermès Carré Club, FAST members learned that Hermès does not just exist as a timeless brand, but also a brand that appreciates the creative and artistic community it embodies. We are so thankful for this experience!


FAST Blog Co-Director Adley Wechsler

Film Contributor Sweena Mangal

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