Thanksgiving: Thankful for Westwood

This week, UCLA students of every major and year were eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving break to begin.

No matter how you and your loved ones celebrate Thanksgiving, I think we can all agree that the majority of people will spend this lovely holiday giving thanks and appreciating all they have. In the spirit of gratefulness and thanks, we wanted to share some of the many places that UCLA students feel make Westwood home. We are thankful for all these spots that make up our amazing Westwood community!

Quiet Places to Gather & Study: Ministry of Coffee & Espresso Profeta

Whether it’s cramming for that midterm you have tomorrow or taking in that delicious taste of local coffee, we are thankful for Ministry of Coffee and Espresso Profeta.

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Social Spots: Barney’s Beanery, Rocco’s Tavern, & Sepi’s

For our Thursday to Saturday nights out, we are thankful for good music, good friends, and of course good venues like Barney’s Beanery (Karaoke night? I think yes!), Roccos, and of course the historical Sepi’s. Each place has brought us together to celebrate anything, whether it be the end of finals or UCLA sport wins.

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Quality Food Places to Stuff your Face: Fat Sal’s & In-N-Out

Although our beloved Tommy Taco was taken from us so soon, its twin still sits right next door; Fat Sals remains a huge hit for a late night snack or a “wipe the plate clean” kind of lunch. We are also thankful for In-N-Out for being a restaurant that we broke college kids can afford while maintaining the best savory tastes.

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Stores with a Sale: Planet Blue Pop-Up Shop, LF Outlet, & American Vintage

So real talk. Who doesn’t love a good deal, especially when it comes within walking distance from your college campus? Need a sassy dress? The planet blue pop up has got you. Need some good denim? LF Outlet is your place. And the heck with it, need some cowboy boots for that themed party? American Vintage can hook it up. The best part of all three shops? Everything has amazing prices.

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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

(Shirt from LF outlet!)

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Places to Calm the Mind: CorePower Yoga, Regency Village Movie Theater

Last, as college students, the craziness of life and school often takes a toll on our stress levels. One way to calm the mind is yoga. Lucky for us Westwood has its own yoga studio, CorePower. Need a night out with your friends to procrastinate more on that paper? Our historical movie theaters will help you out.

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Westwood you will be missed during the couple of days we have off for Thanksgiving break. We are thankful for you and appreciate you always! Wishing everyone a love-filled Thanksgiving holiday and a relaxing break!

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Nicolina Duhs

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