Rivalry Week

UCLA takes their rivalry with USC very seriously. This isn’t just a week where we protect our most prized possessions with the hopes that no damage would be done to our beloved mascots. This isn’t just a cross-town showdown where teams fight over the Los Angeles region with their only barrier being 12 miles of the City of Angels. And this is most definitely not just a week where we watch red clothing go up in flames while singing our fight song at the top of our lungs. This is a week rich in history, legacy and of course great tradition. This is BEAT SC week.

In the midst of the heat of the rivalry football game, which was held at our very own and historic venue, the Rose Bowl Stadium, there was more rivalry than what was played on the field: game day fashion. Before kickoff, hues of Bruin blue and gold, as well as cardinal red and gold, were styled in every which way. The girls repped their overalls, cheer skirts, and bodysuits of all kinds while the guys wore their polos, jersey, and sneakers. So after the final touchdown was thrown and the score of the game was revealed, the real question of the whole day was who won the rivalry of fashion? The Bruins or the Trojans? Let’s take a look.



I think it’s only right to say that the UCLA gold and blue definitely beats USC. After a long and hard battle in the stadium and a “who wore it better” outside the Rose Bowl, the Bruins took the win both on (34-27) and off the field. And what do we at FAST have to say? UCLA remains the best school, team, and of course has the best style in LA. GO BRUINS!

FAST Blogger

Nicolina Duhs

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