Student Trend Saturday: Suede and Corduroy

With the holiday season approaching, many UCLA students may be returning home to a slightly colder climate than the eighty degree November that Los Angeles offers. However, just because a winter coat becomes a necessity does not mean you must abandon your style and opt for a pair of sweats. In fact, what might be even cozier are the currently trending materials of suede and corduroy. When wearing a corduroy pant or suede skirt style equates comfort in a perfect combination for the upcoming winter weather.

Although corduroy has not been a winter staple for a few decades, the trend is being embraced once again in all of its fuzzy and velvety glory, due to the resurgence of ‘80s and ‘90s fashion. While the soft browns and oranges of suede offer the perfect opportunity to embrace the holiday spirit of Thanksgiving and coordinate with the falling leaves. The versatile ability of both corduroy and suede means that from jackets to shoes to bike shorts there is sure be a piece that will match your style! Become inspired by how your fellow Bruins incorporate suede and corduroy into their own looks:

Yoyo Wu

Third Year

Major: Art History

Instagram: @yo.yoo__

Abby Krieckhaus

First Year

Major: Political Science

Instagram: @abbykrieckhaus

Mia Baker

2nd Year

Major: Computational and Systems Biology

Instagram: @mialbaker

Vaidehi Ramanarayanan

2nd Year

Major: Neuroscience

Instagram: @v.aidehi

Dakota Klasky

4th Year

Major: Math/Economics

Instagram: @dakotaklas

Selin Muslu

2nd Year

Major: Psychology

Instagram: @selinmuslu

FAST Blogger

Isabella Eagan

Posted in STS

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