History repeats itself, and that sentiment does not exclude fashion. Trends from the 90s have been coming back in a big way over the past few years. Once we escaped the horrors of tacky and mismatched 2010s fashion, we entered a new era of clean and coordinated style. The cuter trends from the nineties started to make their way back into the fashion cycle in the form of chokers, butterfly clips, and Rachel-Green-from-Friends-esque outfits. These trends have been incorporated into the simple styles of today to create a modern yet reminiscent fusion of looks.

One of the main trends we have seen reconquer the fashion scene as of late is denim on denim. A more controversial trend, denim on denim tends to divide people on whether or not its comeback is deserved. In the defense of the dissenters, the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake 2001 AMAs debacle should never be repeated. However, if done the right way this style can look extremely fashion forward, flattering, and finely tuned to today’s casual trends while still incorporating reminiscence of eras past. The following Bruins have taken this style in stride and shown that denim on denim can and should be worn if done well.

Megan Turnland

2nd Year

Major: Marine Biology

Instagram: @megan_omalia

Jemma Baus

2nd Year

Major: International Development Studies

Instagram: @jemmabaus

Taylor Adams

3rd Year

Major: English

Instagram: @thetayloradams

Alden Kramer

1st Year

Major: Economics

Instagram: @aldenk

Ruth Perez

4th Year

Major: Communications

Instagram: @itsruthperez

Sophia Wu

2nd Year

Major: Business Economics

Instagram: @sophwu

Left: Rachel Ho       Right: Joy Wu

4th Year            3rd Year

                         Major: Cognitive Science     Major:   Economics and Psychology

Instagram: @ho__rachel      Instagram: @joywu_

Marvin Min

2nd Year

Major: Psycho-Biology

Instagram: @marvinmin

Photographer: Selina Pan


Jason Chua

Transfer 3rd Year

Major: Psychology

Instagram: @ikfj_

Gia Chinchilla

4th Year

Major: Political Science

Instagram: @giachilla

Isabel Bina

2nd Year

Major: Communications

Instagram: @isabelbina

Presley Campbell

1st Year

Major: Pre-Business Economics

Instagram: @p4presley

FAST Blogger

Willie Lieberman

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