With over 150 members, FAST has kicked off this school year with our first-ever all-member retreat! Nothing screams “FAST”  better than pizza and a photo shoot. Members first enjoyed pizza and games at Holmby park for our afternoon retreat. There was plenty of time for bonding as we sat on picnic blankets and listened to music. We got to know each other more by splitting into random groups and playing a game of Two Truths and One Lie. We even had several dog sightings (one including Blog Committee member Izzy Roshko’s pup!) to top off the fun-filled afternoon.

After food and games, we started our all-member photoshoot! We split into our committees and worked our best fall looks for this shoot. Some members then split into groups for pictures just because their outfits were THAT coordinated. Check out how FAST members worked their outfits at retreat and proved that no matter the committee, all members are bona fide models.


 Hope everyone had a fabulous time at retreat and we are looking forward to more FAST bonding in the future! 🙂

Special thanks to Editorial for the Photoshoot!

FAST Blog Team

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