Some of the most iconic parts of Halloween are the holiday’s movies. The Shining, IT, Neon Demon, and The Conjuring are just some titles that have gained fame. Strangely, however, the only fashion posts you’ll see circulating the editorial world at this time of year highlight the holiday’s costumes. I don’t blame them; one of the most beautiful aspects of Halloween is that it is the only day of the year when one can step outside of themselves, the personas they carry with each passing day. People can be anything from a princess to a werewolf. Look upon the many streets of trick-or-treaters and everyone is anything but human.

Alas, being a butterfly or a superhero or a character straight out of your storybooks is no everyday endeavor. There’s a dream-like quality that haunts the day after Halloween: one reminiscent of post-excitement blues, the strangeness of everyone in their normal clothing living their normal, day-to-day lives… where did the costumes go?

While cheetah suits and cat ears aren’t regular accessories, there is a solution for our desires to dress in costumes more often, albeit in casual and subtle ways. It all goes back to my favorite part of Halloween: it’s movies.

This week, we built outfits based on the color schemes of famous, iconic horror films and characters. I hope you enjoy this eye candy as much as you enjoy the goods of tonight’s trick-or-treating endeavors.

Movie 1: Frankenstein
IMG_5400 copy.jpg

IMG_5372 copy.jpg

DSC_0759-2 (1).jpg

The first color palette is based on Frankenstein: a rotation of green, white, and black. Less sickly, and definitely less dead.

Movie 2: IT

IMG_5529 copy.jpg

IMG_5224 copy.jpg

IMG_5272 copy.jpg


The second character and franchise we based these outfits off of is IT: the infamous clown/demon/monster hybrid who can somehow evaporate himself like sink water. The yellow is reminiscent of Georgie’s raincoat that he wears while being lured into IT’s sewer. The red, white, and black, are the colors of the villainous clown IT.

Movie 3: Grim Reaper


IMG_5646 copy.jpg


 The Grim Reaper, in its sheets of black and face of white, perfectly represents the border of life and death itself…so we built the outfits.

Movie 3: JACK-O

DSC_0872-2 (1).jpg



Orange and black: very classically Halloween. The memorable image of a grinning Jack-O-Lantern is the only influence we needed to put this fit together.

Movie 4: Freddy Kruger


DSC_0787-2 (1).jpg


Freddy Krueger’s color scheme is red, green, and tan. And yes, this also happens to be Gucci’s iconic colorway. 

Editorial: Mohammed Moussa and Vaidehi Ramanarayanan

FAST Blogger: Angela Savage

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