Unlike fall elsewhere in the United States, Los Angeles fails to afford its inhabitants the frosty mornings and crisp air. Thus, fall fashion can often be forgotten in our sunny haven that is UCLA. Forget about chunky sweaters when you’re running a mile to class in 80-degree weather (you may die of heatstroke). So how does one switch into fall fashion mode without burning to a crisp in the Southern California sun?


Timeless, versatile, and effortlessly fashionable, stripes are the ideal way for students to welcome fall without suffering from the heat. Whether it’s a classic long sleeve or a tiny tank, stripes are your go-to for ensuring you don’t miss out on fall fashion. To see how to incorporate stripes into your wardrobe this fall, check out these Bruins’ fits!


Nicole Chun

2018 Alumni

Major: Psychology

Instagram: @neecoolio


Yukta Trivedi

2nd Year

Major: Business Economics

Instagram: @yukta.trivedi

Sonya Nepali

4th Year

Major: Psychology

Instagram: @sonyadevi

Teresa Sanchez

3rd Year

Major: Communications

Instagram: @terii_sanchez

Nicolina Duhs

2nd Year

Major:International Development Studies

Instagram: @nicolinataylor

Adley Wechsler

3rd Year

Major: Art

Instagram: @ads.wex

Izzy Page

4th year

Major: Political Science

Instagram: @izzypage


Denali Perera

1st Year

Major: Physiological Science

Instagram: @httpdenali

FAST Blogger

Isabelle Roshko

Posted in STS

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