Summer Trend: Wide-Brimmed Hats

Summer is upon us, which means so are summer hats! With the rise of the popular Jacquemus straw hat, the summer hat trend has blown up on Instagram. Bigger is better when it comes to your hat 😉

A light dress or a swimsuit with a wide-brimmed hat makes for the perfect summer vacation outfit and is a must-have this season. Check out some of our favorite ways our very own UCLA students have styled this trend during summer break.


Boya Zhu

Third Year

Communications Major


Kirsten Skead

2nd Year


Fun fact: Kirsten is this year’s Marketing Director!


Nitya Mehta

2nd Year

Global Studies Major


Ruth Perez

4th Year

Communications Major


Elena Sternlicht

2nd Year

Psychology Major


Ela Talu

4th Year

Art History Major

Film/Tv and Music Industry Minor

Ela is our Co-Model Director!


Taylor Garrison

Third Year

Engineering Major


Chloe Burnitz

Second Year

International Development Studies Major


Kirsten Bermudo

Third Year

Psychobiology Major


Yoyo Wu

Third Year

Art History Major


Katie Kim

Fourth Year

Communications Major

Katie is our very own FAST president!


Nanyi Jiang

4th Year

Economics Major

FAST Blog Team

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