Think FAST: Meet Our Production Management Committee!

Did you know that FAST is so much more than a blog? With 150 members across eleven committees, we are models, designers, event planners, videographers, photographers and so much more — our blog team is just the tip of the iceberg. Every few weeks we’ll be profiling a different director of one of FAST’s committees and one of their committee members to give you a look into the great group of students that make up UCLA’s first and only fashion club. This month, you got to know our models. Next up: Our Production Management team!  — The Editors

Laura Shearer, Production Manager


What do you love most about being FAST’s Production Manager?

I love being FAST’s Productions Director because it has allowed me to bring together the club and our local UCLA community, which I think is really important. Helping to plan a fashion show has been an interesting learning experience but I’ve really enjoyed it.

Favorite FAST project you’ve been a part of?

This is my first year in the club so I know I missed some cool stuff in past years, but I loved the pop-up shops on Bruinwalk! Working with real fashion labels is kind of surreal, almost like we’ve already made it to the “real world” that comes after college.

What are you involved in outside of FAST?

I actually work two jobs outside of my time spent at UCLA so there’s not a ton of free time in my life. I’d say beach excursions are probably my favorite extracurricular activity.

What’s your favorite trend? How do you like to style it?

I absolutely love this wide-leg pant thing that’s going on right now. I have several pairs, some long, some cropped, but they’re all perfect for brunch or a stroll down Melrose!

Favorite accessory?

A vintage brown leather belt. It was my mom’s in the late 80s and the quality is impossible to find today.

What makeup/skincare item can’t you go without?

My REN Evercalm Day Cream!

Favorite study spot?

I spend a lot of time at Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood.

Favorite artist? What song is currently on repeat?

It changes a lot but right now it’s Alison Wonderland, Easy.

Random fact about yourself?

I’m from the Pacific Northwest and I’m actually allergic to every single type of tree that’s indigenous to that region (like literally every single one).

Favorite saying/mantra/advice?

If it won’t matter in five years, it shouldn’t cause you stress today.

Harnoor Kaur, Production Committee Member


What do you love most about being a part of FAST’s Production Management committee?

I enjoy being a member of FAST’s production committee because I’ve always enjoyed planning and executing events. I think putting on the fashion show together is a great way to get close to people and make new friends!

Favorite FAST project you’ve been a part of?

I really enjoyed the networking we did with Reformation! It was amazing to have the opportunity to speak with industry professionals from a brand like Reformation. I really admire Reformation’s dedication to creating fashionable and trendy clothes while making sure they run a sustainable business to protect the environment. I think it’s great that FAST emphasizes fashion should be equitable.

Advice for people who want to join FAST?

You should definitely join! FAST is a great introduction to how the industry operates and it feels amazing to collaborate on a tangible achievement like the annual fashion show.

What are you involved in outside of FAST? (clubs, hobbies, etc)

Outside of FAST, I am involved in two clubs, UNICEF at UCLA and She’s the First (STF). UNICEF and STF are both really fulfilling because I fundraise and raise awareness for global health and women’s rights for education. Those are two areas I feel strongly about. I also work a part-time job on campus to save up money for my ultimate hobby, trying out new places to eat with my friends!

Favorite brand(s)?

Nandamade, Oakandfort, Kimchi Blue

Go-to shoes?

My deep red, felt slip ons from Steve Madden.

What emoji best describes you?

The emoji with dolla signs for its eyes and mouth: 🤑

Favorite artist? What song is currently on repeat?

My favorite artist and song also change a lot, but right now I’ve practically been listening to “What I Need” by Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani everyday.

Fashion icon?

Z E N D A Y A. Please.

Rita Chang
FAST Blogger

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