FAST x Designer Spotlight: Sarah Lee

Do not miss out on the upcoming opportunity to witness the amazing collections of UCLA student designers, in this year’s annual FAST Runway Show on Thursday, May 24th in Pauley Pavilion. Every year, FAST is able to round up UCLA students from a wide range of design experiences to showcase their style and creative vision at the annual Runway Show. If you would like to gain a sneak peek of the fashion show, keep reading to learn more about one of the designers being featured in this year’s show: Sarah Lee.

IMG_9919.CR2.jpg(Designer Sarah Lee pictured in the middle.)

Sarah Lee is a fourth year student majoring in Sociology and a first time fashion designer.


Sarah’s collection consists of six different looks, equally divided into feminine two-piece outfits and dresses. This is Sarah’s first year participating in FAST; Sarah was motivated to join FAST after attending last year’s annual Runway Show and decided to get involved this year.

Prior to this collection, Sarah discusses the role of fashion in her life and how this translates into the message she is trying to convey through her collection. Sarah shared her belief in the power of fashion and style to communicate:

“. . .I believe that fashion makes someone stand out from others. I believe that just by talking to you, I know a little bit about you, but through fashion, I know characteristics about someone. I can learn more deeply about someone through what kind of style they like and the clothes they wear.”

0I3A5161.jpg 0I3A5148.jpg


This belief in the role of fashion to express individuality and uniqueness is something that she wants to convey to people viewing her collection. As a designer, Sarah aims to highlight in her collection how clothing can play a role in helping people “. . see how they are different and show their own charm through fashion.”



When asked to describe her collection in just three words, Sarah chose to describe her collection as “Simple, elegant, and red.” Color plays a major role in her collection, as Sarah specifically describes the power of the color red to catch someone’s eye and make a person stand out. When asked about the original vision for her collection, Sarah referenced brands like Zara that are “simple, but elegant” and fabrics like chiffon as a consistent source of inspiration for her design process.



As a first time designer, being a part of FAST was important to Sarah’s growth as a designer. “I knew that I wanted to be in fashion before I joined FAST and realized that this could be the first step.” However, as a first time designer, Sarah’s biggest challenge has been time management, working to balance time as a student and designer, and adjusting to learning new things like pattern-making. Sarah’s biggest advice for anyone interested in being a FAST designer in the future is to learn to manage their time and plan ahead to meet deadlines.


Sarah Lee is one of several designers being featured in this year’s FAST Runway Show. Sarah aims to convey the communicative power of fashion to express uniqueness in her collection and has been able to grow as a designer with FAST. Stay tuned about the Runway Show and find more designer sneak peeks by following FAST at UCLA on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Credits: Adley Wechsler, Hannah Rexinger, Marissa Shankar

Rocio Sanchez-Nolasco
FAST Blogger


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