Apples and Oranges (And Parsnips)

Design by Avery Thompson

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any woman who has read a fashion magazine has at one point wondered whether they were a pear or an apple shape. Comparing women’s body shapes to various fruits has unfortunately become very commonplace in our fashion culture.

But what about men? Shouldn’t men also get the pleasure of figuring out which food item they most resemble?

Well, men, you no longer need to feel left out because I recently stumbled upon a chart made by Debenhams (a UK retail clothing store) a few years ago that helpfully laid out the four body type categories for men, and you’ll be happy to know they are all vegetables. So, instead of worrying that you’re an apple shape, you can fret over whether you’re an eggplant!

Photo: Debenhams UK


According to Debenhams guide, the eggplant body type is “rounded shoulder and slim arms with a bit of a tummy and possibly larger bottom.” They advise vertical layering and clothes that define your shoulders.


The leek body type is slim all around: slim arms, slim legs, slim shoulders. According to the chart, “layering and detail works well on your shape.”


Defined by Debenhams guide as “medium shoulders, large chest and tummy with narrow hips and legs,” beetroots are advised to wear things like scarves and cardigans/jackets to split up your frame.


Apparently the type many men desire to have, parsnips are “wide shoulders, well-defined chest, slim hips and a perky bottom.” Fitted shirts flatter this shape.

So men, which shape are you? And to anyone attracted to men: Now that you know the categories and names, which tends to be your type?

At first, it may seem weird to say something like, “My type is definitely parsnips,” but we’ve been comparing women’s bodies to fruit since 1815 with some suspension of disbelief, so I’m sure we’ll all get used to it. And remember, all vegetables are wonderful, healthy, and nothing to be ashamed of!

Kaitlyn Dietlin
FAST Blogger

Photographers | Editorial Directors: Hannah Rexinger and Adley Wechsler
Model: Danny Kim

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