Student Trend Saturday: Jumpsuits

With the inherent drudginess of spring quarter comes levels of student laziness that are unparalleled in the rest of the year. After all, we barely got a week of “relaxation” (more like stalking MyUCLA for classes that were filled far before your unfortunate class sign-up time) before we had to dive in headfirst to a brand new quarter, so we aren’t exactly rested. In desperate times like these, what could be better than having a top and bottom rolled all into one? Ain’t nobody got time to pick out an *entire* outfit.

Jumpsuits, along with rompers, are among my favorite clothing options when I’m not feeling up to the task of digging out two matching pieces from my closet. It literally may be simpler than diving into your pile of worn clothes for a sweatshirt and sweatpants, plus it’ll look ten times better.

Admittedly, styling a jumpsuit is difficult– the only difficult part in this equation– and requires some accessorizing and a fine balance of proportions to ensure you don’t get lost in all the fabric.

Thankfully we have our ultra-trendy UCLA students to lead the way, so browse through for some swoon-worthy inspo!

edited (1 of 5).jpgName: Adley Wechsler
IG: @ads.wex
Major: Art
Year: Sophomore

edited (2 of 5).jpgName: Kristina Aponte
IG: @kristina.alv
Major: English
Year: Senior

edited (3 of 5).jpgName: Katie Kim
Instagram: @katiexkim
Major: Communications
Year: Junior

edited (4 of 5).jpgName: Mandy Santoso
IG: @mandysantosoo
Major: Psychology and Pre-communications
Year: Sophomore

edited (5 of 5).jpgName: Aria Shen
IG: @ariashenxuanyan
Major: Business Economics
Year: Freshman

FAST Blogger
Rita Chang

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