Think FAST: Get To Know Our Models!

Did you know that FAST is so much more than a blog? With 150 members across eleven committees, we are models, designers, event planners, videographers, photographers and so much more — our blog team is just the tip of the iceberg. Every few weeks we’ll be profiling a different director of one of FAST’s committees and one of their committee members to give you a look into the great group of students that make up UCLA’s first and only fashion club. In April, you met our Sponsorship Committee. With our Spring Runway Show coming up on May 24th, we thought it was time for a look at FAST’s largest committee: our FAST Models!  — The Editors

Diana Cheung, Model Director

Photo: Adley Wechsler/FAST

What do you love most about being FAST’s Model Director?

I love that I get to see the growth of my models’ runway walks throughout the year. As cliché as it sounds, the models have truly blossomed and they look so much more confident and natural now than during their audition in the beginning of the school year. I think I can speak for all of them when I say feel just as good as they look being up on that stage! Also, I have enjoyed getting to know each of my models and I’m so glad to have been able to work with them throughout the year.

Favorite FAST project you’ve been a part of?

Definitely the editorial shoots! Our FAST Blog and Editorial team have really stepped it up this year and created exciting, fun-filled themes and ideas for photo shoots these past few quarters and I love seeing the end products. (Shoutout to Adley, Elizabeth, Hannah, and Kristy!)

Advice for people who want to join FAST?

I’m going to have to be unoriginal and say, JUST DO IT! (Sorry, Nike!)

What’s your most prized article of clothing?

At the moment, for tops it’s definitely my pink fluffy sweater, and for pants, my tight-fitted cropped hunter green slacks. I wouldn’t wear them together, but separately, maaaannnn, I love them!

Favorite accessory?

My heart-shaped necklace from my special someone.

Favorite restaurant in LA?

Blue Daisy in Santa Monica.

What makeup/skincare item can’t you go without?

LOTION. Eye cream lotion. Face lotion. Body lotion. I think you get the point.

Where do you go to relax?

I haven’t had the time to relax, but I guess my bed.

What emoji best describes you?

The laughing face with two tear drops by the eyes. It’s really easy to make me laugh and smile.

Favorite saying/mantra/advice?

Life goes on.

Anam Husain, FAST Model


What inspired you to join FAST?

I’ve always loved acting and modeling, but I never really pursued the latter up until I discovered FAST at UCLA. When I heard about it, I knew I just had to try!

What do you love most about being a FAST model?

It’s super fun, and all about celebrating beauty in all shapes and sizes. I love it for helping me break out of my shell, try new things and be more confident.

Favorite FAST project you’ve been a part of?

The Valentine’s Day shoot

What are you involved in outside of FAST?

I’m in a sorority, Alpha Chi Omega, but apart from that, I work with Peace Corps at UCLA and have been involved with HOOLIGAN Theatre Company and Alpha Lambda Delta & Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society.

What’s your most prized article of clothing?

My high-school uniform which was signed by all my class fellows on the last day of school.

Random fact about yourself?

I’m an Aquarius and though I normally don’t believe in astrology, the Aquarius attributes are scarily accurate in my case.

Favorite saying/mantra/advice?

Do whatever you can, with whatever you have, wherever you are.

Fashion icon?

Amal Clooney

Bianca Hoang Dang, FAST Model


What inspired you to join FAST

I auditioned to be a FAST model because I wanted to get involved and meet others in the fashion community at UCLA – designers and models alike! My friend Rachel and I agreed to audition together and have loved going to practice together and meeting so many great artists and empowered individuals every week. We are both not from LA, and this was totally an uniquely LA thing to pursue!

What do you love most about being a FAST model?

As a model, I get to learn how to embrace all that makes me and my peers unique. I’ve always been interested in modeling, and this club gave me an opportunity to socialize with other creatives interested in the industry. FAST has allowed me to share a common ground with a lot of brilliant creatives of multiple disciplines.

Favorite FAST project you’ve been a part of?

My favorite FAST project I’ve been a part of has been fundraising for the SPARK campaign. Seeing FAST come together as an organization and truly focus and advertise on what makes FAST unique and united really got me to appreciate all the work that the members, models, designers, and execs put into this organization to make it function with…well, style!

Advice for people who want to join FAST?

To those who want to be a FAST model, mark your calendars week zero fall quarter next year! That’s when auditions are, and how you can get recruited to be a part of this organization. Modeling is for EVERYONE! It’s about the beauty you exude inside and out, and FAST capitalizes on harnessing our unique individuality on and off the runway. Don’t be scared, and just own all that you do and are, and you’ll be more than fine 🙂

Go-to shoes?

Ultraboosts forever, and maybe my nude heels. I mean, I honestly can run in both.

Favorite artist? What song is currently on repeat?

Lenka makes me so happy. Currently on repeat is Havana by Camila Cabello in Spanish

Random fact about yourself?

I’m also Canadian! #dual

Fashion icon?

Ally Gong! She’s an Instagram model AND she’s in FAST at UCLA too! I’m honestly a huge fan and she’s even MORE amazing in person.

Rita Chang + The Editors
FAST Blog Team

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