Recap: A Look Back At This Year’s Festival Fashion

Photo: Lara Kohen/FAST

It’s spring, and we all know what that means: music festival season. Specifically, Coachella.

Coachella first started in 1999 and has since become the hottest music festival around. With headliners like Beyonce and the Weeknd, it’s no wonder that Coachella is the event of the year for people from all around the world.

Coachella has not only been a place of music over the years, but also of fashion. These days, celebrities attend Coachella in their most daring outfits. This has turned the festival into a go-to spot for trendy festival fashion inspiration. Fashion trends at Coachella are not just for music festivals, but continue on to be spring and summer trends. This year, some of the hottest trends included: bright colors, crochet, floral, crop tops and as little clothing as possible. UCLA students brought the heat to Coachella showcasing these trends that’ll get you ready for spring!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 4.01.45 PM

A day in the sun at Coachella makes it acceptable to tote lingerie as a complete outfit. Amanda Salgado, a second year pre-Human Bio and Society major, is sporting the ever-trendy lingerie look here. Adding a sheer white kimono and crochet shorts, Amanda has the perfect outfit for any music festival! Although her outfit is not necessarily everyday wear, her crochet shorts and kimono are trends we are sure to see this spring.

Bright colors and a lingerie-esque look are seen here on fourth year Sarita Wong and friend. Sarita sports a bright red bralette top, adding character to her light and simple outfit. On the left, we see a cutout bodysuit with loose crochet pants, giving the outfit varying textures and shapes. This spring, cut out shapes and bright colors will give you a modern and fresh look, while crochet can add character to simple outfits.

image_6483441 (1)

Building on her first day look, Sarita’s Day 2 interpretation plays with shapes and colors as well. Her bright yellow crop top has a chic neckline and contrasts well with her white paisley pants. As seen here and above, breezy white pants are making a comeback in preparation for the warmer months. Silhouettes with a boxed top and flowing pants are going to be hot this spring and Sarita is proving it.

IMG_9407 (1)

Florals take a different role here as FAST model Caliope Marin wears a floral patterned dress but in a tapestry print. Florals don’t always have to mean bright flowers spotted everywhere, they can take on new forms when played with borders and multiple patterns. This spring, the floral trend will look best when used as smaller accents. Second year Avery Tinsley serves the lingerie look well with a sheer dress on top of her black bodysuit. Layering with lingerie pieces is key, as Avery shows, undergarments give an outfit that extra edge when paired with sheer outer pieces.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 4.02.57 PM

Kristina Alvelaez, a fourth year English major (left), sports one of the most popular crop top trends for spring: the knot top. This knotted crop top is a spring staple for those who want something different from the usual cropped tee and need to dress up a simple outfit.

Coachella is the go-to event for upcoming spring fashion and UCLA students came to prove it!

Sonam Beckham
FAST Blogger

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