Spark Campaign Update!

FAST at UCLA 2017-2018

Last quarter, FAST launched our very first Spark fundraising campaign to help make our spring runway show the biggest and best UCLA has ever seen. As you’ve seen through the Think FAST series here on FAST Blog, our organization has a dozen distinct departments and nearly 150 members. As UCLA doesn’t have a fashion design or merchandising program available to its students, FAST allows students from all majors to explore their talents in the fashion industry through editorial campaigns, alumni networking nights and our largest event of the year, our runway show. The Spark campaign was the first of its kind for FAST, and it brought every corner of our organization together, collaborating as a group to create the campaign and to reach out to our network of over 2000 alumni, hundreds of industry contacts and current UCLA students. It connected club members across social media, and it let us proudly publicize the importance of FAST as an organization on UCLA’s campus.

Pictured: Our lovely Blog Committee

The runway show is shown to an audience of over 700 guests and industry professionals, showcasing young designers and aspiring models on an industry level runway. Behind the scenes, members of FAST serve as backstage liaisons, choreographers, photographers, producers, finance coordinators, creative directors, brand liaisons and public relations ambassadors. To produce a show of this size in the historic Pauley Pavilion, FAST’s executive board starts planning in October through booking our venue, recruiting new members, beginning model training and scheduling designer workshops. FAST is an educational opportunity for our members, many of whom are new to the fashion industry. We prepare them for careers and introduce them to our network of industry leaders, social media influencers and rising stars in the Los Angeles fashion community.

Throughout the year, our Sponsorship Committee begins submitting their funding applications and negotiating with show sponsors, the runway is designed, the entertainment is booked and our PR campaigns begin. This work all cumulates on May 24th, the date of this year’s spring runway show. So much of the work is only just beginning, and the Spark campaign was an integral part in allowing our show to go on. Each donation supports the voice of creativity, culture and fashion at UCLA, and the journey has connected FAST as an organization and a family.

Pictured: The always stylish PR&Marketing Committee

Our growth as an organization can be tied directly to our runway show. It is the cornerstone of FAST, and it is our goal to continue being a platform for student creativity, not only within FAST but also through other creative student groups we partner with for the show and throughout the year including HOOLIGAN Theatre Company and ICARUS Dance Company. Without our runway show, we would not have the FAST Blog, our FAST designers, our editorial committee or the wonderful events we host throughout the year including our Missguided, Reformation, Les Georgettes, and Theory 2.0 events.

Pictured: The smouldering models of FAST

We’d like to take this space to thank our Spark Campaign sponsors. Together, we raised nearly $2,500! We appreciate each and every one of you, and look forward to seeing you at the show on May 24th.

Spark Campaign 2018 Sponsors:

Bailey Leal
Beatrice Han
Beverly Moore
Bill Minasian
Bryce Raja
Cassie Xin
Charlotte Chen
Chelsea Hall
Damtsik Beckham
Daniel Li
Daniel Mata
Danny and Haejin Kim
DeArtis Moore
Diego Orret
Dorien Moore
Dylan Klasky
Elizabeth Kim
Esmy Xu
Heidi Knight
Jach McKeown
Jamie Han
Jasmine Jacqueline Cardenas-Gonzalez
Jaylan Mercado
Jennifer Wechsler
JoAnn Gestring
Julie Tzeng
Karen Belz
Kristen Klasky
Lara Kohen
Lauren DuBoe
Lobsang Choden
Lourdes Orret
Maria Taraszova
Marianna Kwan
MaryGrace Baldo
Mikayla Noh
Monica Portillo
Natalija Nakova
Noela Park
Paul Haugen
Philbert Mach
Rhonda Thompson
Roselia Rodriguez
Sami and Josh Wechsler
Sandra Mare
Sidney Orret
Sonia Thakuri
Sophia Shin
Stacey Steele
Steven Wolfe
Taylor Stayton
Taylor Pio
Theodora Ng
Valerie Yuan
Xuanyan (Aria) Shen
Youyeon Hwang

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With Gratitude,
FAST Executive Board

Photographers|Editorial Directors: Hannah Rexinger, Adley Wechsler
Photo Editor: Hannah Rexinger



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