Student Trend Saturday: Pastels

Easter may have come and gone, but lavenders, sky blues, soft yellows are here to stay! I am a huge fan of pastels because they offer a subtle way to ring in spring, and they are quite literally easy on the eyes. I won’t tell you to reject bright pops of color, but gentle pastels are such a great way to ease into the season of blooming flowers and singing birds. Embrace the colorful spring that has sprung on campus, as these adorable Bruins have demonstrated for us. Scroll through for some soft-hued style inspiration!

edited (1 of 1)-2.jpg
Name: Liana Almony
Major: Political Science
Year: Junior

edited (8 of 10).jpg
Name: Jessica Yuan
IG: @jessyuano
Major: Business/Economics
Year: Sophomore
“I was taking grad photos with my friend”

edited (7 of 10).jpg
Name: Mandy Santoso
IG: @mandysantosoo
Major: Psychology and Pre-communications
Year: Sophomore

edited (5 of 10).jpg
Name: Rocio Sanchez-Nolasco
IG: @rsn62
Major: Art History
Year: Junior

edited (3 of 10).jpgedited (4 of 10).jpg
Name: Diana Cheung
Major: Psychology, Human Biology and Society
Year: Senior
“Wish I were at the National Cherry blossom festival 😭😭 it’s so pretty when they bloom

edited (9 of 10).jpg
Name: Andrea Winslow
IG: @allidoiswin_slow
Major: Chemical Engineering
Year: Junior

edited (2 of 2).jpg
Name: Elizabeth Kim
IG: @liz_kimmers
Major: Communications
Year: Senior

edited (1 of 10).jpg
edited (2 of 10).jpg
Name: Katie Kim
IG: @katiexkim
Major: Communications
Year: Junior

Jenna Luck
FAST Blogger

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