The Power of Political Fashion

In our recent post on the politics of slogan tees, one blogger asked about the implications of allowing self-expression to take precedence over concrete action.  To accompany her article, we asked three FAST designers to create political t-shirts that conveyed a message they found personally meaningful. Inspired by an editorial in HOOT Magazine, our Editorial Directors Adley and Hannah personally shot each of the photos you see below to highlight the power of a word and significance of the clothes on your back.

Immigreat by Angaea Cuna

political layout immigrantIn reverence to all immigrant individuals and our immigrant ancestors, the IMMIGREAT Political t-shirt stands strong against the criminal and patronizing vocabulary that negates the word “immigrant.” The bold word is paired with an abstract image of a crying flag, oriented on its side rather than upwards, to represent the heated political climate that endangers the symbolism that entails our American flag. Romanticized as opposed to overrated, the phrase “America is a melting cultural pot” is actually a short-sighted image of a larger image that displays a privileged American stirring the pot of immigrant cultures. IMMIGREAT seeks to remind people that the word “immigrant” entails beauty, knowledge, community, art, and most importantly humanity. And until America is representative and respectful of the immigrants that variegates its culture, the flag will continue to cascade its tears. — Angaea Cuna

Don’t Shoot by Sabrina Martinez

layout 2

 My t-shirt is inspired by the topic of gun violence. A recent school shooting emotionally hit me and motivated me to try to spread this message of peace. The front of the shirt says “Don’t Shoot” and the simplicity of it allows one to feel the power of those two words. I wanted to show that although we, as humans, try to keep ourselves safe we are still vulnerable. All we really can say when in a situation of violence is “Don’t Shoot,” but we are still susceptible to it! We need to do something to keep everyone safe. What I specifically like about my t-shirt is that it can be commentary on gun control and police brutality as this quote is common in both cases. I hope the quote “Don’t Shoot” will motivate to make a change so we can end gun violence, especially in the United States where gun laws are lax. — Sabrina Martinez



Bounce by Ryan Chowdhury

political layout bw

The reason I made this tee is because I believe protests are effective in that there is power in numbers. Even though one ordinary individual cannot make drastic change in the social queue alone, with the help of his or her fellow activists anything can be done. With that being said, I portrayed protesting as a rather fun and “hip” activity by comparing it to partying and jumping (hence the word bounce) so that it can maybe inspire the youth to go out and protest with friends and family and everyone passionate about a cause. 
— Ryan Chowdhury


Your Words Have Power


layout all three color

Kristy Pirone
Blog Operations Editor

Photographers: Adley Wechsler, Hannah Rexinger
Photo Editing: Hannah Rexinger
Models: Azure Gao, Tieranie Hawkins, Danny Kim
Designers: Sabrina Martinez (“Don’t Shoot”), Ryan Chowdhury (“Bounce”), Angaea Cuna (“Immigreat”)
Blog Editors: Kristy Pirone, Elizabeth Kim
Special Thanks: Genevieve Finn

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