Five Ways to Style Conductor Hats

I’d like to think that I am a hat enthusiast. Whether I’m having a bad hair day, or my outfit just seems too plain; a hat is always the answer. Recently, conductor caps or paperboy caps have become a huge trend. It seems I can’t go through any fashion magazine without seeing them. A conductor hat can do so much more for an outfit than a baseball cap. While baseball caps add a casual element, conductor hats effuse high fashion. I love conductor hats for their chic simplicity and runway model feel.

Similar to the beret, a conductor hat is a nod to Parisian fashion, however the conductor hat is easier to wear and makes for a different silhouette. While a beret is more delicate, a conductor hat represents a “woman in charge.” If that’s the look you’re going for, this is just the post for you. Check out these five different looks showcasing the versatility of the conductor cap!




This look exhibits the impact a conductor hat can add to an outfit. The black dress is frilly and fun, but also slightly goth. The bright red conductor hat adds the color this outfit needs to be lively. Paired with pearl hoop earrings, this look is feminine while the conductor hat gives a boyish touch.

DSC_0012 (1).jpg



A blazer and jeans is a classic chic outfit that works perfectly with this black conductor hat. This blazer specifically is a bit more edgy, with a cross tie design in the back. Paired with  statement mismatched earrings, you’re sure to have heads turning when you walk into a room. The hat here complements the look by making it more street-style appropriate.





This look I won’t take all the credit for. I actually saw the pants and shirt styled together on but thought a conductor hat and some huge earrings could take it to new dimensions. The red hat again was needed for that pop of color, and these face earrings make the look far from ordinary. An added bonus is that these pants are super comfortable and look a level up from jeans! Paired with sneakers, this fit is comfy yet trendy.

DSC_0041 (1).jpg

DSC_0022 (1).jpg

DSC_0013 (1).jpg

DSC_0006 (1).jpg

Speaking of comfy, this super soft cardigan is a must-have! While giving that high fashion fur feel, this cardigan is extremely warm and easy to throw on. The velvet boots take away from the cardigan’s casualness, whereas the black cap adds the modelesque finishing touch.



DSC_0048 (1).jpg

DSC_0069 (1).jpg

This last look is great for any city girl. The black cap would’ve looked fine with this fit, but I chose to wear the red hat to bring out the red in my shirt. The thin gold earrings complement the color of the conductor hat without taking away all the attention from the outfit. Trousers and a conductor hat  will always work, added with the leather jacket and pleather boots, your look will scream “Girl On A Mission.”

These five fairly simple outfits are easy to recreate or change up with your own choice of accessories. Earrings aren’t a must with a conductor hat (most of the time the hat is actually all the statement you need), but I love using earrings for the final piece of a look. You can also find conductor hats in various colors to flatter your skin tone and match your closet. I hope these outfits inspire you to get your own conductor cap and flaunt it down the Bruinwalk runway!

Sonam Beckham
FAST Blogger

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Models: Sonam Beckham, Andrea Winslow, Kristina Alvelaez
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