Guilt-Free Fashion

All photos courtesy of Jenna Luck.

“We share one purpose: to create a world where people’s shopping choices drive businesses to be sustainable and fair.”

Have you ever wondered whose hands created the clothes you are wearing? You may know the designer or the company that sold you their product. But what about the person who stitched together the pieces of fabric that you pull out of your closet and onto your body each morning?

The answer to this question might not be one that we’re entirely comfortable with as consumers, but it is one that we must consider. Many brands aren’t often the most transparent with their labor policies, likely because it is much cheaper to outsource labor to countries that demonstrate a blatant disregard for the labor protections enjoyed by countries such as the United States. This lack of transparency doesn’t stop with labor; it often extends to their impact on the environment as well as their treatment of animals. Thankfully, there’s an easier way to research brands who have ethical and sustainable production practices! Introducing: Good On You.


Good On You is an app that makes shopping guilt-free so much easier. Essentially, the app takes independent rating projects, a brand’s level of transparency, and certifications systems into consideration for a holistic and honest assessment of your favorite brands. The ratings range from “We Avoid”→“Not Good Enough”→“It’s A Start”→ “Good”→ “Great”, and while you might be disappointed to learn that Forever 21 has a rating of “Not Good Enough”, the app is quick to offer similar brands as more ethical alternatives. If you are curious about the factors considered when rating a brand, more information can be found here.


I know you may be asking, “What about my wallet? Where else but Forever 21 can I get 12 items for a grand total of 5 dollars???” Though it’s generally true that ethical brands tend to be pricier because they aren’t outsourcing for cheap labor sources, Good On You includes a feature that  lets you search by price-point, and keeps you posted on great sales by ethical brands!


Another question you may ask is whether or not Forever 21 will ever become an ethical (and wallet-friendly) brand for your shopping consideration. Another awesome feature of the app is their platform for advocacy– Good On You provides a way for you to give positive AND negative feedback to brands to encourage transparency and improving ethical standards.

For more on the goals, passions, and practices of Good On You, check out their website. For more information on how to incorporate sustainable fashion into your life, check out their blog here!

Jenna Luck
FAST Blogger

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