Student Trend Saturday: Florals

Spring has come, with delicate flower petals blowing in the wind and spread aesthetically around the ground. Pull out the floral patterns to match the season, and venture out to the blooming gardens or go see the cherry blossom festivals. Floral patterns were a mark of femininity and originated in Asia as a part of their culture. Today, we see the floral pattern spread globally and diversified from small ditsy prints to large Hawaiian prints. Flowers are an easy and assorted pattern to work with to add a touch of vibrance to your outfit.

Just in time for the upcoming spring break, here are some ways that students have chosen to incorporate florals into their outfits:


Name: Jenna Luck
IG: @jenna.luck
Major: Political Science
Year: Sophomore


Name: Teresa Sanchez
IG: @terii_sanchez
Major: Communications
Year: Sophomore
Our Sponsorship Director ♡


Name: Diana Cheung
IG: @dianawincy17
Major: Human Biology and Society, Psychology
Year: Senior
Our Model Director ♡


Name: Asia Blevins
IG: @asiabug2
Major: Psychobiology
Year: Senior
“Florals just seem so cheerful so I feel like it’s a good representation of myself!”


Name: Kimberly Oka
IG: @kimberlyoka
Major: Neuroscience
Year: Sophomore


Name: Irena Huang
IG: @iireeena
Major: Political Science, Film Minor
Year: Sophomore
“My friend and I were out shopping one day and stumbled across this pop-up photo wall/ photo booth type event in the anti-lab mall in OC.”


Name: Kaitlyn Dietlin
Major: Communications
Year: Junior

edited (1 of 2).jpgedited (2 of 2).jpg
Name: Adley Wechsler
IG: @ads.wex
Major: Art
Year: Sophomore
Our Editorial Director ♡

FAST Editors and Blog Team

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