Student Trend Saturday: Jewel Tones

Perennially stylish, jewel tones complement any skin tone. They are rich and saturated, but not overwhelming like neon. They are elegant and pretty, but not soft to the point of being forgettable like some pastels.

Evidently, fashion designers have been taking note. From New York Fashion Week last month to Paris Fashion Week right now, models bedecked in jewel tones have been popping up in high profile shows. For example, look at this stunning Balenciaga wrap dress from their autumn/winter 2018 collection:

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 1.30.55 PM.png

(Photo for The Washington Post by Jonas Gustavsson, MCV Photo)

Jewel tones also seem to be Bruins’ sartorial color palette of choice lately. We’ve been seeing them everywhere, from the runway of Bruin Walk to the digital fashion show of IG.

Keep reading to see how fellow students wear their favorite jewel tones!

edited (6 of 9)Name: Joy Wu
IG: @joywu_
Major: Economics
Year: Sophomore

edited (2 of 9)
Name: Kimberly Oka
IG: @kimberlyoka
Major: Neuroscience
Year: Sophomore

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetName: Rita Chang
IG: @ritapitachip
Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore

edited (9 of 9)Name: Mandy
IG: @mandysantosoo
Major: Communications
Year: Sohpomore

edited (5 of 9)Name: Aatra Abbas
IG: @aatralicious
Major: Political Science
Year: Junior

edited (7 of 9)
Name: Noga Tour
IG: @noga.tour
Major: History
Year: Sophomore

edited (4 of 9)
Name: Roxanne Ohayon
IG: @rox.oh
Major: MIMG
Year: Freshman

edited (3 of 9)
Name: Kuhelika Ghosh
IG: @kuhelika
Major: English, Communication Studies
Year: Junior

Name: Hana Paraja
Major: Linguistics
Year: Junior

FAST Blog Team

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