Fashion on a Budget: Faux Fur Coats

Faux fur coats might invoke an image of old Hollywood glamour. However, as one of the most prominent trends of 2018, anyone can wear a faux fur coat. All you really need to pull off wearing a faux fur coat is to be bold enough to make that first leap and to be completely unapologetic.

For those apprehensive or wary of how a faux fur coat can be incorporated into their current closets, a faux fur coat can be styled for comfortable, casual looks along with more glamorous put together looks. The trick is to keep the rest of the outfit simple in order to let the faux fur coat accomplish what it was meant to do: stand out. A faux fur coat can function as the statement piece thrown over any and all looks as a simple way to elevate or upgrade any outfit.

The new found popularity of the faux fur coat has led to a diverse range of prints and colors. There is a faux fur coat out there made to fit every person’s style and ready to become the next big fashion statement in someone’s closet. If you are looking to expand your style and step out of your comfort zone this year, consider making a faux fur coat the next addition to your closet.

If you are looking to make your next big fashion statement of 2018 or need more inspiration, take a look at some options for faux fur coats that won’t leave your bank account empty:

Leopard Print 
Available at H&M: $34.99

A leopard print coat is the fierce, bold statement every outfit is waiting for. Consider making this the next big addition to your closet for a fierce transformation.

Available at Zara: $29.99

The multicolored faux fur makes it inevitable that this will be the focal point of any outfit. Keep the rest of the look simple and wear neutrals to let the coat take center stage of your outfit.

Blush Pink
Available at H&M: $39.99

This blush hue of pink appears undeniably feminine, however the coat’s aesthetic does not have to overwhelm the complete look. This coat can be layered over an all black edgier outfit to create contrasting elements.

Bubblegum Pink 
Available at H&M: $49.99

If the last coat was not bold enough this brighter, vibrant shade of pink will do the trick. The bright tone of this jacket grants a distinctly fun and whimsical take on the faux fur coat.

Available at Mango: $64.99

This coat is not for the faint at heart, if you are daring enough to rock a yellow faux fur coat you are courageous enough to conquer the world. Consider styling this coat with an all white ensemble as an easy way to look cohesive and chic wearing yellow faux fur.

Emerald Green 
Available at Mango: $64.99

Jewels and diamonds may be pretty but no one can deny how gorgeous this emerald green faux fur coat is. This is the ultimate way to stay warm and fabulous all winter long.

Dark Gray 
Available at H&M: $49.99

Bold colors and prints may not be for everyone but if you are still looking for something different this coat may be for you. The coat is neutral enough that it will easily transition layered over all your looks but is still a different take on a classic black faux fur coat.

Available at Mango: $64.99

Classic and simple, a black faux fur jacket does not require much thought or planning on how it should be styled. Black can be worn with literally any outfit and this could be the next classic staple piece in your closet.

Neither your bank account nor your style should have to be compromised when you are making a fashion purchase. The styles and variations of the faux fur coat ensure that there is a style (and price) that fits the needs of everyone. If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone or need something to revitalize your style, think about the faux fur coat out there waiting for you.

Rocio Sanchez-Nolasco
FAST Blogger

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